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DSC Training Academy - Truck Driver Training

DSC Training Academy addresses both the needs of the transportation industry and the personal and professional needs of the student.  We will accomplish this by providing a training program with high standards and professionalism that will graduate prepared and qualified professional drivers.


Our goals will also be met by not only providing skills and safety methods but also by matching the personal needs of the student with his/her professional goals and expectations.  DSC Training Academy will graduate students who are well prepared for the job market from a program of high standards to meet both the immediate and long-range needs of the transportation industry.

DSC Training Academy was established to provide a training program that better addresses the needs of the transportation industry and those personal and professional needs of the student.  The founders of DSC Training Academy have over 35 years experience in the transportation industry.  Its parent corporation, Dependable Source Corporation of MS, has been in the business of recruiting and employing drivers for the transportation industry since October 1995.  This employee leasing company, which specializes in experienced, professional drivers, has built an excellent reputation of employing dependable and professional drivers.  The founders and staff of DSC Training Academy know the needs of transportation companies and what it takes to put together a dependable professional driving staff.

The program will consist of 168 total clock hours (40 classroom, 45 range, 45 over-the-road and 38 public/employer training). The program include four phases: 1) Recruitment, Education and Outreach; 2) Didactic training; 3) Hands on Training: 4) Employment.

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